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Amazonian medicine and plant diet - Retreat at Ampiri 2019

I want to tell you the story of Ampiri - A magical place in the Amazon, where the boiling river runs It’s also the story of the unique special people this place attracted to it's banks over the years, and the home this people created - one that opens its doors for people to come sit by the hot river, and get healing, rejuvenating, learning and teachings, from the powerful medicinal amazonian plants and trees. Managed and cared by two teachers who carry the Peruvian amazonian plants medicine tradition, that were thought to them by local indigenous tribes and shamans years ago. I'll let blogger Nass Daily tell you more about this river. Ampiri is located at the banks of...

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Shamanic Retreat in the Amazon Jungle, Peru - Folk Magic and Natural Medicine

Amazonian folk magic and Natural Medicine retreat, Ampiri Resort, Peru 8-28 Sep / 20 Oct - 9 Nov 2018 Welcome to the Journey!   Hello Friends! I am very excited to introduce a 3 week Foundational Training in Traditional Amazonian Folk Magic and Medicine, in Ampiri, A resort in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, Peru. The training will be guided by my Maestro, Gabriel Lynch. A specialist in natural and shamanic medicine. The retreat that I have personally taken part in on multiple occasions and will be attending will be hosted in small groups of up to 12 people. The training is tailored specifically to your individual needs. Not all participants undergo the same teachings and activities based on the...

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Ayahuasca Ceremonies - How Do They Differ?

There are different ways of performing an ayahuasca ceremony. Some are more modern and others are steeped in ancient traditions. The traditional Peruvian ceremony is much less of a ritual than what is believed by the western world. Nowadays Peruvian ceremonies largely consist of placing ayahuasca in a glass and drinking it. They may place the ayahuasca in the bottle and verbalize their intentions before drinking, with little to no ritual beyond this. Some may blow tobacco smoke over the medicine, or on the participant themselves. Traditionally the curandero (the Shaman) will be the only one drinking the ayahuasca. Traditionally, the patient wouldn’t ingest the liquid. Nowadays, affected by the increasing interest from the west, people have started paying closer...

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