About Natural Medicine

Welcome to Natural Medicine Co where our aim is to make sacred natural medicines from around the world accessible for all.

All of our products have been carefully selected for their sacred, medicinal and healing powers. We source these powerful, unique & rare shamanic tools from tribes living in the Amazon rainforests. We always ensure our items are ethically sourced, sustainable and traded more than fairly. We can trace our products back to the individual shamans who have made them. We purchase these sacred medicines from our indigenous brothers & sisters, you are helping to support them, while receiving traditional products of an incredibly high quality.

We will continue in our search to find all of the very best Hapè (Rapè), Paulo Santos, Dragon Blood and all that we can source to help spread the incredible healing powers of natural medicine. 

Natural Medicine was founded by Arye, a natural medicine student and practitioner. Arye has had a long time passion in Shamanism, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Rappé, Channeling, Plant Dieting and Plant medicine. Every summer he travels for several months to Peru to study with his Maestro to ensure connection with nature and learn directly from mother nature herself.

Some words from our founder:

I truly believe mother nature gave us everything we need in life, she holds the cure for all illnesses, she holds an unlimited energy source for us to use, and can deliver on all our needs. As long as we respect her and use these sources while preserving them. If we learn to coexist with nature in harmony, we will walk in a path of prosperity and well being."

Picture - July 2016, Amazonian Jungle