Amazonian medicine and plant diet - Retreat at Ampiri 2019

I want to tell you the story of Ampiri - A magical place in the Amazon, where the boiling river runs

It’s also the story of the unique special people this place attracted to it's banks over the years, and the home this people created - one that opens its doors for people to come sit by the hot river, and get healing, rejuvenating, learning and teachings, from the powerful medicinal amazonian plants and trees. Managed and cared by two teachers who carry the Peruvian amazonian plants medicine tradition, that were thought to them by local indigenous tribes and shamans years ago.

I'll let blogger Nass Daily tell you more about this river.

Ampiri is located at the banks of this river, where the water gets colder, around 39 degrees Celsius. (~103°F)


About Gabriel and Reyna - the lead teachers at Ampiri:


Maestro Gabriel Lynch, A naturalist with over 20 years of dedicated study in plant medicine, fasting and diet. Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge and also the clever ability to convey this knowledge to the western mind. Early in his study, Gabriel was a complete raw foodist for a number of years. Gabriel teaches many things about different types of healing diets and other plant based systems including: Western herbalism, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbs. Having lived in China and Asia for a number of years, Gabriel also learnt traditional Taoist Nei Gong meditation, Kung Fu:  Southern Dragon and Bak Mei fighting systems as well as Taoist medicine. In the Amazon, Gabriel spent many years living in native villages and jungle doing long isolation diets. As a result, Gabriel learned to sing powerful Icaros in native dialects such as Quechua and Shipibo. Some of his specialties include strange undiagnosable illnesses, curse removal, and entity, spirit/demon removal.

In the picture: Gabriel and Reyna

Gabriel Lynch, Reyna

Mama Reyna is considered as the universal mother in Ampiri, due to her wide open heart, kindness and humble nature. Reyna was born in Peru in the sixties , and had quite a rough life, from losing her child & her heartbreaking divorce. It ended with her being diagnosed with cancer, which lead her to isolate herself in the jungle, curing herself by dieting trees and plants.

After she healed, she kept dieting trees and plants and learnt the way of the medicine. That made her a powerful healer and Curandera. She sings powerful Icaros for a deep healing, and has a strong connection with the jungle spirits.

Reyna specialties includes:

Oje, Toë, camalonga, los renacos, tike came renaco, huacra renaco, warmi renaco, sapote renaco and caballo renaco.

My name is Arye, I own this blog and website, and I was lucky enough to find my way to Gabriel, Reyna and the hot river a few years ago, and that’s actually how I started my path with natural medicine and healing. This year will be the 4th year ill come to Ampiri to do plant diets, learn the medicine way, and escort small groups to do the program at Ampiri.

 Dorit the Bird, Ampiri


The work at Ampiri

The main teaching at Ampiri is a plant diet. In essence, it’s a way to get healing and teachings from the medicinal plants of the Amazon, to connect with them, their energy and spirit on a deep level. Through changes in our nutrition we open our energetic bodies to be receptive to energy and sensitive. While we isolate ourselves from interaction with other people and from the outside world, in a private hut in the Jungle. We then consume the plant or tree that we want to connect with (we bath with the plants and we drink them). During the diet we can go through different cleansing and healing process, lucid dreams, see old memories and traumas as we are healing these places, and much more... 

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 mud bath amazon jungle

the 2019 retreat at Ampiri
  • The recommended program at Ampiri is 4 weeks long. (though 2 and 3 weeks programs are available as well) The first week is dedicated to acclimate to the jungle and taking cleansing plants like Huancawi sacha, Bijaco caspi and more. There are so many benefits we get only from this week, removing junk from our bodies physically, energetically and spiritually. We also allow the best conditions we can to then start our plant diet, when the vessel is clean the medicine is absorbed well, and we shall get better results from our diet.
  • Ayahuasca ceremonies are taking place about twice a week, lead by Gabriel and Reyna. Participating in the ceremonies is not obliged, and we encourage everyone to choose the right time for them to join.
  • You will be isolated in a privet hut in the Jungle. all you need will be served to your hut (food, your daily medicinal plants).
  • Gabriel will build the program for you, and give you the relevant plants to suit your needs and your objectives from the diet, after a consultation talk.
  • We offer free integration and resting days after the retreat, 1 free day for each paid week.
  • Location: the nearest village to Ampiri is Honoria. We fly from Lima To Pucallpa, take a car to Honoria, and a Boat to Ampiri. We will escort you from Pucallpa all the way to Ampiri.
  • Retreat dates 2019: 
    • May 10 - June 6 (4 weeks, 2500 euros)
    • June 13 - July 11 (4 weeks, 2500 euros)
    • July 18 - Aug 15 (4 weeks, 2500 euros)
    • Sep 10 - Sep 24 (2 weeks, 1500 euros)
    • Sep 26 - Oct 24 (4 weeks, 2500 euros)
    • Nov 1 - Nov 22 (3 weeks, 2000 euros)

Ampiri jungle hut

The program suites:

  • those who wish to heal themselves from diseases and past traumas, and get a restart to their body and soul.
  • Those who wish to connect to nature and themselves.
  • Healers, students and practitioners of natural medicine and other holistic practices, that wishes to expand their knowledge and tool box.
  • Those who are interested particularly in the amazonian plant medicine tradition.

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You are very much welcome to contact me to get more information about the retreat:


Bonus for those who made all this way - Sounds of Gabriel and Reyna’s Icaros from Ayahuasca sessions 2018.


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