About NM

Hello, my name is Arye. I’m 34 years old, and i’m a natural medicines student and practitioner. I study Shamanism, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Rappé, Channeling, Plant Dieting and Plant medicine.  every summer I travel for a few months to Peru, to study from my Maestro, and I connect with nature as often as I can and learn directly from her. I also own Natural-medicine.co, a shop for  amazing quality Rappé and other natural medicines.  The site is based and was founded on products that I brought with me from the jungle, for private use, and felt a calling to share the wealth with others.

Picture - July 2016, Amazonian Jungle



I truly believe mother nature gave us everything we need in life, she holds the cure for all illnesses, she holds unlimited energy sources for us to use, and can provide all our needs. As long as we respect her and use these sources while preserving them. If we learn to coexist with nature in harmony, we will walk in a path of prosperity and well being.

Picture - September 2016, Amazonian Jungle


So this is my path, my journey.  After 12 years of living inside the “rat race”, working in an office and chasing my tail for happiness, a few years ago I discovered the sacred medicine, Ayahuasca. She reminded me that I am a healer. And showed me that as soon as I will acknowledge it, and will start practicing it, my life will become easier, happier. And that if I will fulfill my destiny, or potential, as I rather call it, and help people, i will have better relationships and that i'll thrive in all aspects of my life. So it is happening,  and so i've chosen this path of spreading the word of natural medicines, and giving healing to people in person.

Picture - June 2017, Cooking Ayahuasca in the Amazon


My journey lead me to the heart of the Amazonian jungle, and to my Maestro Gabriel, A naturalist, expert in Shamanism, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Chinese medicine, Rappé, Plant dieting and many more natural healing methods. I am very lucky to have found  him, and to be accepted as his student. I go to him every summer to extend my learning, do  another Plant dieting, and to deepen my knowledge in the different medicines.

Picture - 2016, Gabriel with the Kambo frog. 

Gabriel and Kambo

The land there is simply amazing.  In the middle of his land travels a small river of hot water, bursting from the heart of pacha mama at close to 100c degrees.  The water cools down to a perfect 39 degrees by the time it reaches our huts. This place, besides being absolutely astonishing, also has special natural healing abilities.

Picture - October 2016, Hot river


I perform personal healing sessions using different methods and medicines, giving my whole dedicated and attention to bring healing to my patient. I understand that when we open those energy portal we sometimes also open portals to different consciousness, so we all manifest reality using our intentions. I use different tools like chanting, energetic treatment, singing and more, to help manifest the desired reality along with my patient.


Currently located in Tel Aviv, Israel, I offer treatments in the area. The options are various and are suitable for your needs: in your place or mine, a single treatment or a series of a few sessions, etc. I would love to chat with you in order to provide an offer and a treatment personalized to your needs.

Please feel free to contact me with any question or request at:

Arye@natural-medicine.co or leave me a message here and i'll get back to you ASAP.

With Love,