Rapé - Apuriná Awiry
Rapé - Apuriná Awiry

Rapé - Apuriná Awiry

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More about Apurinã Awiry Rapé

The Apurinã tribe is renowned for their distinct Green Rapé, known as Apurinã Awiry. This exceptional medicine stands out among other tribes in the region. Awiry refers to the plant used to create this Rapé, which is considered by some as a type of wild tobacco. Although Apurinã Green Rapé Snuff is often categorized as a tobacco-free snuff, its nicotine content remains unclear. Awiry grows along riverbanks and can only be harvested during specific times of the year.

Due to its connection with the rivers, Apurinã Awiry Rapé is primarily made during the dry season, making it a rare and special medicine. However, its increased cultivation may eventually lead to wider availability.

Unlike Nicotiana rustica tobacco in Brazil, which is fermented when dried and rolled into sticks or strings for storage, Awiry is neither fermented nor heated. Instead, it is left to dry naturally, preserving its vibrant green color. The plant is then ground up after drying. Awiry Rapé is made solely from the ground plant material, without the addition of ashes, making it a raw and alive medicine.

While most indigenous Rapés are administered using a Kuripe for self-application or a Tepi when blown by another person, the Apurinã Awiry is inhaled through a tube. Some tribes that use Yopo also follow this method. The users take some Awiry Rapé in their hand and inhale it through a bone or wild bamboo tube.

Experience the unique, spiritual, and energizing qualities of Apurinã Awiry Rapé by adding this rare and natural medicine to your collection today.