Rapé - Caboclo Eucalipto
Rapé - Caboclo Eucalipto

Rapé - Caboclo Eucalipto

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Experience the Energizing Caboclo Eucalyptus Rapé

Discover the revitalizing Caboclo Eucalyptus Rapé, meticulously crafted by a distinguished rapé maker. This unique blend combines the powerful Sabia tobacco, Tsunu ashes, and two specially selected herbs. Infused with eucalyptus, this rapé delivers a rejuvenating freshness to the senses. Alongside eucalyptus, it features the local alfavaca da mata herb, also known as native alfavaca or Tipi, which helps relieve fever, ease headaches, and support the immune system. Locals also use this herb in cleansing baths to ward off negative energy and counteract sorcery. This potent shamanic Hapé works on higher chakras, with its brown hue and uplifting herbal notes distinguishing it from more ashy, earthy varieties like Yawanawa Rapés.

The Rich Caboclo Culture

Originating from the amalgamation of immigrant workers and the indigenous population, the Caboclo culture embodies a wealth of shared knowledge. The worker immigrants primarily came from Northeast Brazil during the rubber boom era. These workers, a blend of European laborers, African slaves, and local indigenous people, brought their vibrant popular culture, characterized by music, writing, art, and religious expression. This cultural fusion combined native traditions, Christianity, and indigenous animistic beliefs. It eventually led to the emergence of Ayahuasca cults in the Amazon's Acre region, which incorporated this diverse heritage and integrated the forest's medicinal treasures.

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