Rapé - Caboclo Yuxibu
Rapé - Caboclo Yuxibu

Rapé - Caboclo Yuxibu

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Discover the Mystical Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé

Caboclo Yuxibu is a sacred concoction of undisclosed native herbs, curated with devotion by its maker. This potent medicine incorporates robust tobacco and Parica ashes, creating a rapé blend designed to invoke communication with our ancestors and beckon the spirits of the forest to join us in a dance of life. Ush Ush Ush... Ra Ra Ra... Siri Siri Siri... Embrace the sacred Yuxibu as it dances among us!

Yuxibu: The Spirits of the Forest

Yuxibu, a term inspired by the Huni Kuin people, represents the spirits that inhabit the forest. The Boa Constrictor, the most renowned and revered Yuxibu, is believed to be the Great Spirit responsible for the first sound. The Huni Kuin recreate this sound in their ceremonies: Siri Siri Siri. This mighty boa constrictor is said to have taught the Kaxinawa or Huni Kuin the art of crafting their Nixi Pae, their term for Ayahuasca. Yuxibu embodies the power of tribal medicines and is a vital connection to the forest spirits and their people.

The creator of Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé is a true Caboclo, part of a migrant rubber tapper family with indigenous roots. This unique heritage reflects the essence of the Acre state in Brazil. He is connected to the Nukini tribe, from whom he inherited his profound understanding of traditional medicines. The Nukini people originate from Serra do Divisor, a national park straddling the border between Brazil and Peru. This park is home to a rare Amazonian waterfall and a diverse range of wildlife.

Experience the divine connection and potent healing powers of Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé, and let the sacred spirits of the forest guide you on a journey towards spiritual awakening. Order now and unveil the secrets of the Yuxibu!