Kuripe - Double Barrel

Kuripe - Double Barrel

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Double Barrel Kuripe: Effortless Rapé Administration for Your Spiritual Journey

Introducing the Double Barrel Kuripe, a unique, single-shot, dual-nostril application tool designed for your sacred Hapé rituals. This elegantly crafted Kuripe showcases delicate handwork and a slice of Caapi vine for added spiritual significance, elevating your experience during your spiritual journey.

Our Double Barrel Kuripe is crafted by skilled artisans in the Amazon rainforest. At Natural Medicine Co, we are committed to offering high-quality traditional products while ensuring that our items are ethically sourced, sustainable, and traded fairly. Your support helps indigenous communities thrive.

As a handcrafted item, the Double Barrel Kuripe may feature slight variations from batch to batch, showcasing its unique character. Embrace the convenience and style of this dual-nostril Kuripe for an enhanced Hapé experience during your spiritual journey.