Rapé - Katukina Nissural
Rapé - Katukina Nissural

Rapé - Katukina Nissural

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Discover the powerful healing properties of Katukina Nissural Rapé,

a distinctive blend of local organic Moi Tobacco and the more potent Corda tobacco. This remarkable medicine is skillfully crafted with Tsunu ashes, or Tsono as the Katukina tribe calls it, and infused with the Nisural herb. Nisural, a close relative of Apuxury and Pixuri, is known for its ability to cleanse negative energies and alleviate headaches.

The Katukina tribe has been harnessing the healing power of this medicine

for centuries, and now you can experience it too. The local herbs in this blend go by various names depending on the tribe that uses them, making each sub-species uniquely special. This ensures that the Katukina Nissural Hapé you receive is an authentic and unparalleled experience.

The maker of this medicine firmly believes that Rapé crafted with Tsunu is a healing medicine. The addition of Nisural in the blend helps dispel negative thoughts and clear mental disturbances. If you find yourself burdened by negative thoughts, this medicine can aid in clearing your mind and finding inner peace.

Immerse yourself in the powerful healing experience of Katukina Nissural Rapé. Order now and uncover the authentic, ancient wisdom that this sacred medicine offers.