Rapé - Huni Kuin Xacapandaré
Rapé - Huni Kuin Xacapandaré

Rapé - Huni Kuin Xacapandaré

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Chief Siã from the Jordão region in Acre state, Brazil, introduced this gentle rapé blend, featuring Xacapandaré, a rare herb from Huni Kuin tradition. The blend has less tobacco content than most other varieties and is known to support the respiratory system, memory, and mental strength. Xacapandaré leaves can be burned as incense or used in baths to cleanse the body and aura. The rapé blend is made with tsunu ashes and minimal high-quality Sabiá tobacco, making it ideal for those seeking less tobacco.


Huni Kuin on Xacapandaré:

"In Rapé, this herb helps open the mind, dispel negativity, drive away evil spirits, and clear the respiratory system."

About Chief Siã Huni Kuin

In Acre state, Brazil, several tribes exist, with the Huni Kuin being the largest. Years ago, Chief Siã and his father Sueiro were among the first to introduce their culture, spirituality, and the healing power of their medicines to the world. Natural Medicine is proud to collaborate with Chief Siã and his people, offering their tribe's healing medicines.