Rapé - Nukini Trevo Cumaru
Rapé - Nukini Trevo Cumaru

Rapé - Nukini Trevo Cumaru

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Nukini Trevo Cumaru Rapé: A Blend of Healing Ingredients

The Nukini Trevo Cumaru Rapé is crafted with artisanal string tobacco, tsunu ash, and Cumaru Trevo (Justicia pectoralis), also known as Chambá. This native Amazonian herb exudes a sweet vanilla-like aroma due to the presence of coumarin. The blend is believed to help alleviate respiratory issues and also incorporates the Piri Piri plant.

Piri Piri (Justicia pectoralis) has a long history of use in various psychoactive blends, including Virola. Tribes like the Nukini and Kuntanawa in Brazil incorporate Piri Piri in their Rapé recipes for its pleasant, meditative effects and enchanting flavor. Harvesting this low-growing plant requires a significant amount of effort, as it takes numerous plants to yield a small quantity of the herb.

The pleasant aroma and purported healing properties of Justicia Pectoralis have made it a popular ingredient in teas, baths, and a wide array of applications, spanning from spiritual to medicinal and everyday use. As a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it's believed to benefit the respiratory system and has been used by tribes for treating headaches and body aches, as well as in the preparation of various magical potions.

Tribal Uses of Justicia Pectoralis

The Yanomamö tribe employs Justicia Pectoralis as an aphrodisiac for women and as an ingredient in their traditional mixtures. In Colombia, the Kofán Indians use a decoction of a related species to address the symptoms of old age. The Shipibo tribe claims that this plant awakens the spirit of work in humans and brings good fortune in fishing. The uses of Cumaru Trevo vary across regions and tribes, extending from the northern parts of South America to Mexico and the Caribbean, and are known by a vast array of names.

Experience the unique combination of healing ingredients in the Nukini Trevo Cumaru Rapé and embrace the traditional wisdom of Amazonian tribes.