Kuripe - Crystal Quartz

Kuripe - Crystal Quartz

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Crystal Quartz Kuripe: Infuse Your Spiritual Journey with the Power of Nature

Infuse your Hapé ritual with the power of nature with our Crystal Quartz Kuripe. Adorned with a natural quartz crystal, this exquisite bamboo and resin Kuripe is designed to promote positive energy and harmonious balance during your spiritual journey.

Each Crystal Quartz Kuripe is handcrafted, resulting in subtle variations that add to its unique charm and character. Our skilled artisans at the Tete Pawã arts and crafts studio, located in the remote upper Juruá region of Marechal Thaumaturgo municipality, create these exceptional Kuripes with care and dedication, connecting you to the spirit of the Amazon.

Experience the captivating beauty and energy of the Crystal Quartz Kuripe, a perfect tool for your personal Rapé administration and a reminder of the sacred connection between the natural world and our spiritual well-being.