Rapé - Yawanawa Força Feminina
Rapé - Yawanawa Força Feminina

Rapé - Yawanawa Força Feminina

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Yawanawa Força Feminina Rapé: A Blend for Feminine Empowerment

Força Feminina, or Feminine Force, is a unique Rapé crafted by Nawashahu, one of the daughters of Biraci Nixiwaka, the chief of the Yawanawa tribe. Nawashahu continues the spiritual work of her parents, receiving and singing her medicine songs and making this exceptional Rapé. This blend represents the power and strength of indigenous women, as it is the first female Rapé from the Yawanawa tribe.

Força Feminina: A Celebration of the Indigenous Women's Force

The recipe for Força Feminina is based on the traditional Yawanawá blend, combining strong tobacco with original Tsunu ashes. Força Feminina is a powerful medicine, appreciated by both men and women for its sacred properties. It helps bring balance, connection, and respect for the feminine force in the world.

Nawashahu: A Female Leader in Yawanawa Spiritual Work

Nawashahu travels the world, performing ceremonies and sharing her medicine songs in both Portuguese and the native Yawanawa language. She creates this special Rapé in her village, Aldeia Sagrada or Sacred Village, where the Yawanawa tribe conducts its initiation rituals and honors the sanctuary of their ancestors.