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What is Hapé (Rapé)?

From the tribes of the Amazon jungle in Brazil, comes a very ancient and special medicine called Rapé (or Ha-pey.) The ingredients of each Hapé blend are different from tribe to tribe. Each tribe has their unique compound of tobacco and other medicinal plants, trees, seeds, leaves etc. which they grind and ash to a powder that is called Hapé. The ingredients are passed on from generation to generation. it is made only by the tribes, in a very strict and sacred handmade process. Rapé has been used by the tribes of the Amazon for ritual, medicinal and recreational purposes for thousands of years. Rapé is considered to be one of many sacred medicines from the Amazon that are used both to...

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Natural Medicine Sourced Rapé

Rapè, Hapé or Hapi in the west, is a natural medicine that is ingested via a pipe applicator into the nose. There are many uses for this natural medicine, most of which relate to healing and spiritual ceremonies. The Hapé we source is sourced directly from tribes we have deep relationships with, within the Amazon jungle. It is made under strict conditions by the tribes who have passed down their recipes from generation to generation for hundreds of years. It contains many different Amazonian plants, herbs, seeds, and trees. All Rapé is ethically sourced to ensure the sustainability of their ancient Amazonian tribes.

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