How to stop smoking with natural medicines

Humans have been using nature as a provider for their needs and a cure for their illnesses for thousands of years. I truly believe mother nature has all the answers to all our needs and it’s on us to use these resources in a respective and caring way. 

While writing this article it came to me that there are so many Amazonian natural medicines i know that can support the process to stop smoking, i’ll try and talk about a few of them. But first I would like to stand on the difference between tobacco and cigarettes and to say a few words on the traditional use of tobacco. 


In ancient times and also today, almost every Shaman (or Curandero) would use tobacco as a primal tool in his tool box. The Shaman would whistle his ikaro, his prayer on to the Tobacco (or Mapacho) and then blow the smoke of the Tobacco on his patient or at himself or at the space, the Tobacco would be used as a “carrier of intention” implementing the Shamans desires in the physical world. Also the tobacco spirit is known to be a good peacemaker between different spirits and provide you with protection. Tobacco is a true medicinal plant, But i think we destroyed our relationships with it and i’ll explain: 

That brings me to another point I really want to make clear: Cigarettes are no Tobacco. The difference? Well a cigarette contains around 10-20 percent tobacco and the rest is over 4000 toxins and chemicals that are added to the cigarettes on top of the tobacco by the cigarettes companies. That's right, over 4000 chemicals and toxins. Having understood that, I truly advise that if you are thinking about stopping smoking, the first step I suggest you do is quit those cigarettes and move to smoking natural tobacco. A few brands of rolling tobacco I can recommend is American Spirit, Manitou, Raw and there are more. Look for the once you can get wherever you are make sure you are buying 100% additive free tobacco, i know that also pre rolled american spirits are available in some places as well. This would be a very good first step to do, cause let’s first be honest with ourselves and understand this process might be thought and if we are to “fall” and smoke better put 4000 chemicals less to our bodies. 

Now as for quitting bad habits and stop putting in our bodies things that do us no good, it’s always good to have a clean body. When our vessel is clean we feel the stuff we put in to it. It is easier to communicate with it and choose the right choices. For me an easy tool to start with would be Kambo. It was the first facilitator who helped me stop smoking, And I never saw it coming. When I did my first Kambo session many years ago,  I was less aware of the things that do good to my body, and I was smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day. Immediately after the first session I could not smoke any more. I also could not put alcohol in my body, stopped eating meat and dairy products, and my experience was that anything that is not right for me, is giving me a strong stomach ache as i put it in my body, and that now that i am clean i can feel the effect of my choices as i do them. Suddenly stopping to smoke wasn’t a struggle for me anymore, smoking a cigarette was. I could not stand close to another smoker, and I could not understand how I used to smoke. I have to say that the Kambo practitioner who gave me my first session said that he is giving Kambo to people for seven years now and he never saw anyone as sensitive to the Frog like me, so i understand that this one session was like 3 session all together for someone else, this was magical for me, and the first trigger to set me on a quests with natural medicines. There can be other ways to clean your body, I like the Kambo cause it's fast, safe and gives lots of results in a short period of time. But I encourage you to find the right way for you to clean your body. I wanna share with you guys another very cool amazonian medicine that is known in the jungle to be one of the strongest processes one can go through, and as a very good medicine for addictions - the Huancawi Sacha. It's a very strong amazonian plant, that when it’s leaves are mashed and drunk with water it will send you on a very deep cleansing process. Basically the body reacts to the poison in the plant. And you start vomiting, to begin with you through up every 10 minutes or so. And the cleansing is somewhat superficial like a baby burping after he eats. But, with time, the wait between each cleanse is longer, and the vomiting gets more though, like coming from a deeper and deeper place in your stomach. With every purge we release more toxins from our bodies, and we also release the energy of trauma stored in our organs. Many people describe old memories coming to them during the Huancawi purge, these are memories that left an energy in our bodies and that probably shaped the way we contact ourselves in our lives. I think that’s way the Huancawi is such a good help with addictions, it cleans our bodies so deeply that we basically can’t do it any harm any more, and it also has the potential to remove the cause to the addiction - if our addiction sits on a painful memory or some other bad energy we carry. The Huancawi Sacha is to be (not easily) found in the Amazon jungle, and rarely outside the amazon grown by natural medicine practitioners globally. (even harder to find) Feel free to write to us if you want our help in finding your way to the plant. 

The third tool that i feel has to be mentioned is Rapè. A herbal mixture of different amazonian plants, used by the ancient tribes of the amazon to cure practically anything as they say. The plants are grinded and burned to make the ash compound called - Rapè. Rapè is used with a designated applicator and shot to our nostrils. There are few ways the Rapè or Hapè can facilitate one helping him stop smoking: 

At first - the cleansing and grounding, like the other methods, Rapè is a cleansing agent, helping us to breath more clearly and maybe sharpen our senses. 

More, the medicine can provide us grounding when we are in need (or feeling the crave), align us with our center, and restore peace and clarity. That's a great tool to use when feeling the urge to smoke, when something is needed to remove your mind from smoking and to calm the body. 

Thirdly, of course, most of the Rapè contain some Tobacco, and so we can get the nicotine our bodies desire from a different source, maybe a better one. Having said that, it’s maybe important to realize that there are some Rapè brands that are Tobacco free, like Apurina verde, if you feel ready to quit Tobacco in all of it’s forms. 

Hope you found this information useful, feel free to contact me with any questions or recommendations at

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