Sananga - Eye drops

Sananga - Eye drops

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Sananga eye drops is an eye medicine used to sharpen the vision and to provide spiritual energetically benefits. This Sananga batch was extracted on October 2019. 

The indigenous tribes used it to sharpen their site before hunting. For modern seekers of spiritual and physical healing, Sananga is used as a precursor to Spiritual ceremonies, and as an eye medicine. 

Sananga is potent medicine, and while you can administer sananga for yourself without undergoing a guided ceremony, it’s important to find a reputable source and to educate yourself on its proper usage beforehand.

Among its benefits:

  • Treats and prevents diseases such as: glaucoma, cataract, astigmatism and other eye diseases.
  • Sharpens vision, and increases visual perception and color distinguish.
  • Resets energetic filed.
  • Opens 3rd eye vision.
  • Clears bad energies from the body and more.

We by our Sananga first hand from the tribes of Brazil, and if you have any experience with this medicine you will immediately notice its amazing quality.

Be aware - This medicine is not diluted at all, and it's very strong and concentrated! Please use carefully.

Quantity in bottle: 13 ml