Rapé - Yaminawá

Rapé - Yaminawá

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1 Bottle 15ml

Experience the power of the Yaminawa tribe's ancient medicine with our new favorite, Yaminawa Rapé. This potent blend is one of our strongest, featuring the synergistic combination of the renowned folk medicinal tree Pao pereira (Geissospermum vellosii) and the extraordinary Raiha (Psychotria cartagenensis).

When used, the effects of this blend can be felt quickly, offering heightened senses and a clear mind. In the long term, it is believed to hold special magic properties for the user.

The Yaminawa tribe, also known as the "people of the ax," has a close relationship with the Yawanawa people and several other indigenous groups in the Amazon rainforest. Their homeland is located in the state of Acre, Brazil, and they have several ethnonyms, including Bashonawá, which means "opossum people."

Like many indigenous tribes, the Yaminawa people are working to protect their cultural and spiritual identity while engaging with the outside world on their own terms. They are developing new models of sustainability to protect the rainforest, which is vital to their way of life and the health of the planet.

By purchasing Yaminawa Pao pereira Rapé, you're not only experiencing a powerful tool for transformation but also supporting the Yaminawa tribe's cultural heritage and sustainable practices. Experience the magic of this ancient medicine and support the preservation of the Amazon rainforest today. #68.