Rapé - Apurina - Pre-Sale!
Rapé - Apurina - Pre-Sale!

Rapé - Apurina - Pre-Sale!

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1 Bottle 15ml

This Hapé (Rapé) is from the Apurina tribe in Brazil, it is tobacco-free, though very strong.

This is a great one for meditation and connecting to Pachamama or other spiritual ceremonies.

This Hapé has a very fresh and pleasant aroma that helps to provide a sense of heightened awareness.

The Apurina is good for cleansing without purging because it has no nicotine.

Due to its popularity, we will have limited stock - expected shipping - January 2023!

Hapè or Hapi in the west, is a natural medicine that is ingested via a pipe applicator into the nose. There are many uses for the natural medicine, most of which relate to healing and spiritual ceremonies.

The Hapé we source is purchased directly from tribes we have deep relationships within the Amazon jungle. It is made under strict conditions by the tribes who have passed down their recipes from generation to generation for hundreds of years. It contains many different Amazonian plants, herbs, seeds, and trees.