The Benefits of Sananga

The native tribes of the Amazon use sananga as a strong eye medicine. Their main use for it is to sharpen vision at night before a hunt.

Sananga eye dropper
The modern, spiritual users, is different of course. Often used prior to ayahuasca ceremonies, this eye medicine has the potential to give energetic healing and cleansing. It also offers increased spiritual insights and can be used to open the third eye prior to spiritual ceremonies. This is a powerful and potent medicine. While you can administer sananga to yourself, it’s recommended to get assistance from an educated and experienced user or educate yourself before use. As with any medicine or natural supplement, it is essential that you source product of the highest quality. Ensuring your sanaga comes from a reputable source is important not only for effectiveness but also for your safety.

Take a look at some of the advantages of sananga here: 

Benefits of Sananga

While the tribes of the Amazon have been sanaga for many generations, it can benefit the whole world and has been known to assist in the healing process of:

    • Prevents and treats diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness

    • Helps with detoxing the body from bad energies and toxins

    • Helps with addiction, depression, and other psychological issues

    • Opens the third eye and improve spiritual vision

    • Increases visual perception and enhances colors

    • Clears blocked emotions and memories

    • Resets energetic field

Administering Sananga

Our eyes are a particularly sensitive organ, which means a sananga ceremony might be painful. Sananga causes an intense burning that might last a few minutes; some say this pain is a part of the healing process. It’s advised to breathe deeply into the pain, to put your body in a relaxed state, and gain the most from its benefits.

It’s by leaning into the pain that you can cleanse not only your eyes but your mind and spirit as well. After the process, you’re left with a feeling of immense relaxation.

Sananga Preperation

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    Hi I am I retested I’m getting sananga (I did it once in Toronto) but I want to make sure about where your products come from

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